DDS is Used By Many Industries Developing Mission and Business-Critical Smart Applications



DDS provides a unique ability to address the real-time data distribution requirements of large-scale, complex transportation management systems. It enables real-time coordination of telemetry data with other sensor data to optimize complex rail, trucking, and fleet operations. With rich information, DDS enables users to deliver more goods on time at a lower cost, improving service quality and reducing supply chain costs.  

Prorail logo Large Scale Rail Network Management System
DDS provides ProRail with a reliable, real-time and fault-tolerant data-sharing platform to manage critical information within the Dutch railway network. With more than six thousand trains and 1.2 million passengers travelling on it on a daily basis, the Netherlands railway system is one of the busiest in Europe. Read more
VOLKSWAGEN Volkswagen Smart Cars Volkswagen Smart Cars Volkswagen’s Driver Assistance and Integrated Safety system uses DDS to combine radars, laser range finders, and video to assist safe operation. It tracks the driver’s eyes, shown here, to detect drowsiness. It also detects lane departures, avoids collisions, and helps keep the car in its lane. Read more
Advanced Flight Data Processors Used in European Air Traffic Management System Advanced Flight Data Processors Used in European Air Traffic Management System
Coflight is developing the most advanced Flight Data Processor (FDP) in the world and its DDS based architecture helps guarantee the long-term extensibility, scalability and availability of an Air Traffics Management (ATM) system that will be used to optimize air space usage, reduce the environmental impact of aviation and improve flight cost efficiency. Read more
NAV CANADA uses DDS to run real-time traffic management in the world's™ second busiest air space
NAV CANADA uses DDS to run real-time traffic management in the world’s second busiest air space
Air Traffic Control in Canada has run on DDS since 2014. The Canadian Automated Air Traffic System (NAVCANtrac) system manages 3.3 million flights over 18 million square kilometers and is the second largest air navigation service provider in the world. It uses DDS to manage, automate and integrate flight data between NAV CANADA air traffic control facilities, multiple surveillance sources, and external systems – safely, securely and with 24/7 reliability. Read more


DDS meets the demanding real-time data sharing requirements of next generation distributed power management systems. By enabling a high quality, scalable, low-latency, real-time information infrastructure, DDS provides a proven solution for smart energy. This helps deliver improved performance, data quality, data compliance, and cost savings.  

LOCALGRID Smart Grid Distribution and Control Smart Grid Distribution and Control Deploying at Toronto Hydro, LocalGrid MicroGrids connect generation, load and storage to optimize usage. DDS seamlessly integrates apps, enforces security, and merges NI LabVIEW with LocalGrid Microgrids. Read more
Large Scale Fusion Reactor System Large Scale Fusion Reactor System
DDS provides the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE) Remote Handling System with the scalability, Quality-of-Service and integration needed to support the supervisory control and data acquisition system that repairs and configures reactor components and instrumentation within a fusion research reactor. Read more
Siemens Wind Power
Distributed Power Generation
DDS enables fast control within wind turbines and distributed gust mitigation across the array. Read more
Harnessing DDS in Next Generation Smart Energy Systems
Duke Energy’s Distributed Intelligence Platform with DDS provides accurate control and alleviates intermittency of distributed energy resources, provides the ability to scale independently as needed without needing a system wide rollout, takes cost out of the business by reducing integration time and effort. Read more


DDS securely shares patient and device data to build smarter clinical information systems. It connects devices in hospital rooms, integrates whole-hospital systems, and connects to the cloud and mobile technologies. The proliferation of smart medical devices creates new integration challenges for networks of devices. DDS provides a proven solution for the secure transfer of real-time data between medical devices and other information systems in a clinical environment.    

MD PnP INTEROPERABILITY PROGRAM Interoperable Data Connectivity for Medical Devices and Clinical Systems
Interoperable Data Connectivity for Medical Devices and Clinical Systems
The Medical Device “Plug-and Play” (MD PnP) Interoperability Program  is using DDS in the reference implementation for their Integrated Clinical Environment (ICE) to enable the integration of devices and the sharing of real-time patient data between devices and other clinical information systems. Read more
GE HEALTHCARE DDS powers MRI and CT DDS powers MRI and CT
Imaging systems require massive data flows and fast performance. DDS controls and optimizes network use to handle megabytes of load without losing data. Read more
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Hospital Patient Safety or Integration of Clinical Decision Systems
DDS ties together devices, services, and displays in real time. Read more


DDS provides the integration, scalability, and flexibility to support complex, highly sophisticated, and distributed real-time control systems. Internet Protocol-based architectures bring modularity to Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) applications and enable systems that are more flexible and easier to update.    

  Komatsu Machine Integration and Control Machine Integration and Control DDS provides fast data availability to help control the Komatsu 14CM Continuous Miner system, and sends data up the shaft for real-time surface monitoring. Read more
ATLAS COPCO Common Platform for Mining System Automation
Common Platform for Mining System Automation DDS is being used as the data sharing foundation of common software platform that Atlas Copco will deploy across is mining product lines. DDS provides Atlas Copco with the exceptional performance, scalability, reliability and operating system availability required by their platform. Read more


There is an increasing demand to make Modeling & Simulation and Test environments more realistic and sophisticated. DDS provides the high throughput, low latency, real-time data connectivity that is needed to support an increasingly varied and wide range of complex scenarios. DDS enables reusability and interoperability between models and simulators in Live Virtual Constructive simulation.    

Hardware-in-the-loop (HWIL) Modeling and Simulation Framework for Missile Defense Applications DDS is providing reliable, highly scalable, real-time data sharing for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Missile Defense Agency’s (MDA) Objective Simulation Framework (OSF) which is being developed by Teledyne Brown Engineering. Read more
AUDI Modular Testing - Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation Modular Testing – Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation Audi uses hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation to feed realistic data to devices in their testing lab. DDS middleware enables a modular test environment that scales to work with hundreds of devices. Read more
CAE Flight SIM
Flight Training Simulators
CAE uses DDS over high-bandwidth IEEE-1394 to power the data distribution for their next generation full flight simulators. Read more
Making Holodeck Simulation Technologies a Reality with DDS
NASA is developing the concepts related to holodeck simulation systems using today’s technologies and is investigating the benefits that it could provide to tele-presence, mission planning, and training activities. As part of the project, NASA required a DDS middleware solution that allowed real-time, scalable and robust information exchange between different parts of the system. Read more


DDS meets the multifaceted requirements of real-time urban space management. DDS facilitates ubiquitous access to real-time data from a variety of sensors enabling every aspect of a city to be monitored, controlled, and analyzed. Rich information availability helps to drive service innovation; improving quality of life for residents and fostering a productive environment for business.  
  Smart Cities

  City Wide Information Backbone Supporting Range of New eServices for the City DDS is being used as the real-time information backbone providing the City of Nice with new intelligence to coordinate and connect all of the parking services and mobility, as well as improving environmental quality in the City. Read more


DDS sets new levels of performance, reliability, scalability, interoperability and fault-tolerance for military and aerospace systems. DDS addresses the real-time data distribution needs of military and aerospace systems by satisfying a range of requirements at different temporal and geographical scale for applications such as radar processors, naval combat management systems, land systems, and next-generation network-centric systems.    

  NASA NASA_Launch NASA Launch Control System NASA’s Launch Control System at KSC is one of the world’s largest SCADA systems, with over 400,000 control points. The DDS based system was first used during the successful first launch of the Orion spacecraft. DDS intelligently distributes updates from thousands of sensors. It also stores all data for later analysis and allows all information to be viewed (after downsampling) on HMI stations in the control room. Read more
Interoperable Open Architecture Standards-based, high-performance middleware breaks vendor lock-in, drives interoperability and future-proofs architectural designs. Coming to Lockheed Aegis, Raytheon DDG 1000, Raytheon SSDS, LCS (Lockheed and GDAIS), Raytheon LPD-17, etc. Read more
ROCKWELL COLLINS Tactical Command and Control Aircraft Systems
Tactical Command and Control Aircraft Systems DDS has been selected by Rockwell Collins to support its latest Networked Joint Fires (NJF) software which provides a modern, mission-centric graphical user interface, updated information exchange capabilities and integration with US and International defense forces. Read more
THALES Naval Combat Management Systems
Naval Combat Management Systems DDS is underpinning Thales Combat Management systems and naval applications including its flagship TACTICOS Net Centric Solution. Read more