20th Anniversary of
the DDS Specification

Playing a future-forward, pivotal role
in enabling distributed communications
across complex applications.

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OMG Data Distribution Service (DDS) is a proven
international standard for data-connectivity
that is ideal for business-critical
Internet of Things (IoT) systems.

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DDS is the proven protocol-of-choice
when IoT system performance,
scalability, robustness, reliability and
quality-of-service are paramount.

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DDS is an open Standard that helps
CIOs, software architects, systems
engineers and software developers deliver
business-critical IoT systems.

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The DDS specification is maintained,
optimized and evolved via rigorous Standards
processes under the auspices of
the Object Management Group® (OMG).

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DDS is a mature standard at the heart of
a large number of mission- and business-critical
systems such as Air Traffic Control, Energy
Production, Medical Devices, Autonomous Vehicles and
Smart Cities. Learn more about DDS security,
QoS and key abstractions via OMG’s Technical
Overview Webinar Series.

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A community resource guide of
use cases, QoS parameters, glossary and more.

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What’s New

Join the DDS Foundation for an informative and interactive mini-forum on the DDS® standard. Whether you’re new to DDS or an experienced user, this event will provide you with updates on the DDS protocol, interoperability with other standards, use cases and more.

The Forum will conclude with a panel discussion and audience Q&A. Learn why the DDS standard has been adopted by companies such as Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Bosch, and Siemens.


What is DDS? How does DDS work? Learn the basics. Look how simple it is!

  1. What is DDS?

    The Proven Data Connectivity Standard for the Industrial Internet of Things The OMG Data Distribution Service (DDS™)...


How does DDS work? Learn the basics. Look how simple it is!

  1. Why Choose DDS?

    Performance, Scalability, Robustness, Reliability, and QoS for Industrial IoT & Consumer IoT The OMG DDS...


Why You Should Use DDS

Building Systems With DDS

How Does DDS Work?

High Level Data-Centric Interfaces Replace Message-Centric Programming The main goal of DDS is to share the right data at the right place…
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What’s in the DDS Standard?

Open International Data-Centric Connectivity Standard DDS enjoys an active and vibrant community continuously working to extend…

About DDS Foundation

About DDS Foundation

The Foundation governs a global community of vendors, users, government institutions and universities to realize the potential of the DDS standard in all industries.

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DDS Resources

Software Downloads, Demos, Documentation, and Additional Media…

Where Can I Get More Info

Where Can I Get DDS?

Welcome to the Data Distribution Service (DDS) Vendor Directory. The Directory is maintained by the Object Management…

DDS Key Technical Benefits

Technical Benefits

Simplify Design, Implementation, and Integration of Industrial and Consumer IoT Systems DDS uses a global data space…


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